As well as furniture design and construction work, The Gentleman Furniture Maker provides a consultancy service for commercial space branding and interior design.

This service helps our clients to establish visual consistency in their fit-outs as well as developing signature pieces and related motifs that deliver a message to your intended market. This can be used to create an exhibition, restaurant space or a pop-up shop. The work can be one off, or can support the creation of a design template that can be replicated in multiple venues.

Your business is based on a particular narrative context and communicates this through a unique style and set of values. It is the development and articulation of this narrative through visual statements that help you to communicate to your clients effectively through the spaces that represent you.

We provide a service that helps you to establish what these narratives should be, and therefore, what style of fit out is appropriate. From this point we can design specific pieces and motifs that will hang together coherently, communicate your ethos clearly, and look great.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Really enjoyed reading this post and then felt the urge to visit the bakery, inspect the stools and eat a sausage roll… and doughnut. I can highly recommend this offline sequence of indulgences.

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