“Between the experience of living a normal life at this moment on the planet and the public narratives being offered to give a sense to that life, the empty space, the gap, is enormous.” John Berger

unspecifiedThe astute among you might notice a couple of things; the photography in this post is of an unusually high standard for this blog, and there also seems to be a prominent retailer presence making its mark.

unspecified-4Every now and then, our good designer friend Justin Hutchinson calls on us to help him midwife design intent through to finished prototype… So last winter for Denn Fair inunspecified-3 Melbourne we threw some late nights and early mornings in order to squeeze out the three pieces on show here.

I am biased as I sweated for this one, but the simple handsome detailing you can see here is
Justin’s hallmark.

I particularly like the dining table ‘leg to rail’ relationship which is a hard detail to make genuinely pleasing, striking and original.

It is worth expanding the image to the right to see the crisp subtle curve that sweeps away under the table edge and shows itself most clearly where it meets the vertical line of the leg which fully penetrates the rail and is attached with an ingenious knock down system of steel plate and threaded rod…


Three legged poor boy round table above was maybe the most fun as we had to work out how to execute an exact, dangerous cut on a massive knife while running  against the usual ‘safe’ direction of feed (makers – you know what I mean)…

Good work Justin – also Cosh Living get my approval for pushing upstream in a very competitive market and making the effort to source and make these pieces locally. At least at this stage… lets hope we see more work like this – Australia is rich and dense in design innovation and we know a few decent makers around too these days…

Cheers Justin!

– John.



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