“There’s no money in chairs” (Circa 1870).


We clearly love an uphill battle, which is lucky because if it was hard to break even a hundred and fifty years ago, it surely is a tough one in this current climate of price wars and disposable imports.

IMG_2276However, it is a little known secret that there is  a strange motive force available in the cosmos that is released by exactly this process – swimming upstream garners all sorts of support from surprising IMG_2274quarters both psychologically and from the outside world; and when it comes to the curiously ephemeral and hard to grasp process of design (how I hate this word now) it has to be said that the only way to find gold is the long slow process of panning it out.

Sure, you might come up with a significant nugget from time to time, almost as if you stumbled over it unawares, however this overlooks the long hard times IMG_2305spent over the years that earn one these joyous moments.

So this chair is a work in progress, it represents hours of unpaid input and looks as simple as can be… I couldn’t resist a few more detail shots for posterity.

Out curiosity, I haven’t seen a back laid up this way by pinning leather into a visible slot – however instinct tells me there are remarkably few new ideas, so please – if you have seen something similar let us know…

– John

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