Six of the best!

IMG_2209It was a big year last year, much was bitten off, mostly chewed, and we were spat out finally for Christmas with a deep sigh of relief…

A lot of commercial work was done, much of it enjoyable but not really material for this blog so we apologise for being a bit sparse, however this year has been and will be a wholeIMG_2227 lot more about the craft and about enjoying life beyond the boundaries of the workshop (which does exist, believe it or not).

IMG_2226So I am very happy to introduce the ‘Leatherback’ (no turtles were harmed) – which we have bashed together for our good friend Iain Munro of Cornershop in Yarraville.

His old school chairs were getting so wobbly, there was genuine fear for life and limb, so in response to a need we have come up with something we think will grace the very handsome and yet very human Yarraville cafe/restaurant that is one of Iains’ finest creations yet.

Leatherback 1.0 sports a double layer of italian saddlery leather, laid up with a central layer of canvas, which is located in a slot in the uprights and pinned with brass Chicago screws. We love those old school materials…

Leatherback 1.1 will utilise a seat slung like the back, with a little bit more devilry in the details – it’s no easy thing to resolve so have a bit of patience, but we hope the end result will be a truly comfortable and stylish dining chair… Might even make a lounger version too…


So when are you opening that pub you promised us Iain?

– John

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1 Response to Six of the best!

  1. Sarah Beckwith says:

    That is a seriously classy chair! It looks like you’d like to sit on it and be happy!

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