A reflection on the Enlightenment man, or ‘Tom’s table’.

IMG_1875If you go back about 200-250 years, and look through the private publication lists from the England of the time, you will be immensely surprised by the surfeit of  self-published papers on every subject imaginable.

Intelligent men and women felt an urgent need to explore the mystery of the boundaries of knowledge and accepted thinking that were so tantalisingly pliable in the light of sustained thought and focused attention to the imaginative faculties…

Like straining your eyes into the dark until flashing lights and pulsating filaments of thought and sensation begin to warp the quotidian mind, there was a hunger for theIMG_1870 creation of the future which was still contained in an all pervading web of the unknown; You can smell the wonder in it – new inventions, new operating structures of scientific thought moving us ever forward…

So much of the rich legacy of that time was the product of the minds of lay people – untrained, sometimes completely uneducated individuals gripped by an undeniable fascination with a particular possibility of thought or thing, happy to put aside leisure and comfort and safety in the pursuit of the beauty of the new.

Few such people seem to break the surface these days – Well, TED talks keep us sane, and be sure there are countless minds gripped by that same hand of wonder, but on a rare occasion an individual walks through our door who reminds us of this essential quality of the true human being – Never satisfied, never comfortable, always pushing on, just humble and dedicated to the good. We are pleased to be able to be almost done making a one of a kind, Nakashima inspired dining table for a full 6′ 5″ inches of enlightenment man.

Plucking a few recycled sticks from a point in Australian history that was making huge woolsheds, we are using steel strapping to pull together these handsome Blackbutt boards in a split top reference to our good friend George.

Thanks Tom.

– John

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