Altared states! (sic)


No likely thing this. A donated tree from Fawkner Park, Christchurch South Yarra in IMG_1912need of an altar, a mystery surrounding the tree type….

Like a scratchy, you just don’t expect to win, however IMG_1916when the stalwart Jeff Watson  of Watsons Ironbark phoned me to say his yard was awash with fragrant vapour, my toes began to tingle – Aromatic cedar for sure, almost certainly cedar of Lebanon.

Since we’ve had the boards sticked up and creating a particular ambiance here at Albert Street I’ve been alternately grinning and sneezing – my sinuses need a rebore for sure, and this one time holy oil seems to be doing the job.

Next step, up on the workbench and cutting the joinery on the ends of the top for the dovetails…

Continuing on now since I wrote this draft in a frenzy some weeks ago – these images show that we have been humming along and most of the work is now done…

Just attending to details (splinter re-attachment surgery x 1000) and then a process of anointing the altar with its first coats of oil. One thing that stands out like a russian icon glowing in the wood grain is this extraordinary book matched picture of Mary bursting through.IMG_1878


Beautiful, glorious, fragrant, mysterious wood – keeps me coming back again and again and never lets us down.

I hope we have had the humility to treat this tree as it deserved; planted around the time that Christchurch was built, it is now adding a stately timeless grace to the tremendous silent space that abounds in the heart of the massive bluestone presence that is one of Melbourne’s finest churches.

 – John

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1 Response to Altared states! (sic)

  1. Sarah Beckwith says:

    How extraordinary and beautiful that Marian imprint is! I hope to see the Altar for myself one day

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