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A reflection on the Enlightenment man, or ‘Tom’s table’.

If you go back about 200-250 years, and look through the private publication lists from the England of the time, you will be immensely surprised by the surfeit of  self-published papers on every subject imaginable. Intelligent men and women felt … Continue reading

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“Believe me, you colour-happy people, in cultures where every blockhead has individuality, individuality becomes a thing for blockheads.” – Karl Kraus.

Resist this finally, I could not. So where now is the man that cares not a whit for what the world thinks? Rather I should re-phrase this since the worldly man does not think any more, at least not in … Continue reading

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Altared states! (sic)

No likely thing this. A donated tree from Fawkner Park, Christchurch South Yarra in need of an altar, a mystery surrounding the tree type…. Like a scratchy, you just don’t expect to win, however when the stalwart Jeff Watson  of … Continue reading

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