Flying Furnishings!

IMG_1684Its a worrisome moment we approach this morning as Big Dave of Hooked On Transport arrives shortly to deliver the Kitchen Island Bench.

Daves’ crane truck is going to effortlessly drop this 160 KG heap of hard work andIMG_1692 gorgeous wood over the back fence and onto the rear decking of a lovely Carlton home.


I confess I’m a wee bit nervous, and when I see 8 months of hard work swinging about on high, I’m going to be a whole heap more shaky for sure….

Wish us luck.

– John

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3 Responses to Flying Furnishings!

  1. Rob Law says:

    Wow, looks beautiful! Well done john et al. Great work and craftsmanship here!

  2. Charlotte Wilson says:

    What a gorgeous beast! I love the detail of the knife compartment! Wonderful work.

  3. Julie says:

    This looks fantastic John! I wish we could have found time to visit the workshop when we were in Melbourne. (We were too busy flying around the suburbs avoiding tollways!) I will have to be content with just photographs. I hope the installation went smoothly.

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