Showtime – No room for error.

IMG_1529The final glue up of our beloved solid Walnut island bench is much delayed. We have been held back by a whole range of details and we are deeply fortunate to be working for clients who can see the result and know that it is worth making sure we complete each step correctly before moving on.

This curious and complex piece is a kitchen island bench on casters that has this cantilevered top section, thrown forward, supported by a steel that is in turn concealed IMG_1534by a perforated, folded copper skin 1.5 mm thick that houses an LED lighting strip and acts as a light box. This provides a spectacular example of the Moire effect.

Furthermore, the piece houses a pivoting knife block, 3 galley drawers and 8 separate drawers for kitchen paraphernalia.

A colleague Phil stopped by yesterday and said ‘ Don’t you people know anything about straightforward?”

I have to say, I am prone to complicating things for myself, that is true – but all the pain and worry and hair-tearing (once done) are so worth it, and I think our excellent clients of the moment will receive what might just be the best piece of work our shop has seen.

My thanks for their patience and understanding run pretty deep right now, and we are again very grateful for the work we are asked to do.

Happy Christmas people!

– John


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2 Responses to Showtime – No room for error.

  1. Jordan says:

    Thats Incredible! I hope you give a detailed tour once installed?

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