How to articulate your block

IMG_0886‘So what is it?’ you say…. This image shows off the pleasing quarter cut laminated European Beech end-grain off to a tee. This is a noble wood, one with IMG_0887well known qualities – hardness, stability, very evenIMG_0897 tone and pleasing grain as well as a silvery flecking when cut a certain way.

Now wood-wiffling aside this piece is I think something quite special in its conception – It has been through several layers of design process; concept design using blocks and tape, industrial IMG_0900design, nutting out hinges and lamination processes, and our studio here which has helped to refine the design process and then made this odd but I think charming product idea manifest.

This really tested our mettle, and interestingly enough, though much of the process was based around making jigs to enable the delicate accuracy required in machiningIMG_0899 the shapes and dovetail slots the final word was had by the hand plane for this prototype which helped to clean up the machined surfaces and IMG_0898render the exact 60 degree angles required for a tight satisfying fit.

The best part of this job though was the chance
to work with Justin of Justin Hutchinson design – His clarity, keenness of intellect and all round enjoyment of the whole task was a pleasure to partner with.

I’ll say this once – if you need industrial design support, you won’t do better.

So come on people – What is it?

– John

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2 Responses to How to articulate your block

  1. Jordan says:

    Really cool design……and Its a Knife Block.

  2. You win – one coffee on us in Brunswick if you’re passing that is!

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