Doing the ‘Mess Around’.

IMG_1428This is a first for us – A much appreciated and long suffering young member of the troupe has brought this 15m bar top up a right peach.

IMG_1438Henry is a wild mixture – Maltese Irish to the core. He performed a real artwork of a finishing job on this wild re-cycled messmate bar top andIMG_1442 we toasted his hardworking health last night with an impeccable series of Islay whiskies – Caol Ila the King among many – at the private opening party for a new addition to the Brunswick bar scene, the ‘Brunswick Mess Hall’.

Now I’m no boozehound, or barfly, but we have thoroughly enjoyed this first job mostly handled by the young bucks and it was a rare sight to see our Henry handling a true bierstein like an old timer (fortunately sans IMG_1439lederhosen) and enjoying the fruits of his labour.

Long may he love his work, and thanks be…!

– John

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