Another brother in (real) cabinetry…

Again, this retro-futurist solid walnut asymmetric piece is the brain-child of Ross Hines, headman at Tongue and Groove and one of the few people in retail truly putting noble materials, craftsmanship and thought into pieces while making sure they are sourced and made locally.

Cheers Ross – we makers need you, and Melbourne does too.


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4 Responses to Another brother in (real) cabinetry…

  1. Julio says:

    Just saying hello from Chicago and Love the look , finish looks great I’m thinking of trying the osmo line myself. Can’t wait to see what’s next

  2. Julio says:

    Questions, as an aspiring furnituremaker I have so many, finishing , case construction, and many more and especially for for some one who’s making furniture and making it the honest way is there any books you recommend?

    • Well – it is a good question, but I think in all honesty for my own route in to this work, it is very easy to put things, people and skills on pedestals. To almost assume a long slow painful road to proficiency. reading books sometimes just makes you feel overwhelmed by how much you don’t know, and yes books are a wonderful resource too.

      So more important than skills or knowledge to me are the capacity to focus and the desire to make. If you can let yourself really feel the need to make things, you’re almost there I think. Just keep looking on, taking up tools and making mistakes, you’ll be no different to the greats of our trade.

      Invaluable resources are all books by Nakashima, christopher Schwarz, blogs by Chris Schwarz and Peter Galbert – all fearless, down to earth men having a good time…

      Good luck Julio and don’t hesitate to write any time.

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