Agent Orange

Colour immediately splits people into different camps, and not just aesthetically. One man’s blue is another man’s brown  and believe me, my sister and I almost came to blows over this while driving and she’s a highly talented and successful painter (these two things are usually mutually exclusive in my experience).

So this low cabinet is an exercise in modern materials and ways of expressing them honestly mixed up with a bit of a bold colour statement. The mitred carcase joinery is a satisfying way to feature the plywood striations and allow the walnut veneer to wrap around the piece.

The image above is a curious juxtaposition of walnut veneer cabinet, sitting next to a stack of prime solid walnut boards awaiting processing for the next big project – one that has me equally fired up, nervous and breaking new ground…

– John

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1 Response to Agent Orange

  1. Sarah Beckwith says:

    Hate the orange – love the pattern on the edges of the cabinet!

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