It’s not the devil, stupid…It never was!

In my mind, it is the things you don’t immediately notice about people that come to define them most deeply – It  might be a mannerism that belies something deeper, or a quality of mind with which they see our curious world that has a particular flavour that is theirs.

In this way, we inevitably infuse the things we make with the subtleties that define us, and what I’m trying to get at in a very roundabout way is how the dialogue with a client begins to somehow  define the way the design process develops.

This last client our ours, a fine-minded academic type said one thing that really stuck in my mind which was some oblique comment about certain designs being crass, or too obvious… I can’t quite remember exactly, but a little way down the road, the stylistic details that define this latest piece just presented themselves. I didn’t choose or ‘design’ them, at some unidentifiable moment, they were just there.

I think I have said before that I always hesitate to label myself as a designer, and I think this is why. I am just more interested in how things seem to design themselves sometimes… And if this happens while I am around I guess that’s a gift to be gratefully enjoyed, as I hope our fine minded academic client will enjoy this grown up receptacle for the rapidly vanishing book…

It’s a real concern for us makers… at what point do we stop making bookcases… seriously people!

– John

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1 Response to It’s not the devil, stupid…It never was!

  1. Very nice post this one. Thanks John for those thoughts.

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