The human condition.

So it is with some humble satisfaction that I present this 77 degree trestle table and call it done. Yes, I could fuss, polish, buff, shave, flatten, sand and on an on until no table was left at all…

But sometimes like a painter, you just have to know when to stop – usually however that is easy for my sort – we need to eat and therefore get paid, and I’ll tell you something for free – no-one I know doing this has a yacht, or a swanky car, or even any decent holidays to speak of, and yet our wives (or partners) are generally pretty happy. Why? well I guess that’s for us to know and you to guess at.

So one of the most pleasing features of this two legged chap is the interplay of angles, and as my scientist friend observed, it is full of true polygons cast by the consistent use of the 77 degree angle in the leg splay, and all the chamfers and bevels.

Over and above what I have done, this timber is glorious in its warmth of colour, and is silky and sensuous to the touch – why, I can’t explain exactly but some woods, like oak and walnut just have this quality under the fingers, and it keeps me coming back again and again.

It’s been a real privilege to connect my meagre skills, with the established form of an old master (George) and the need of my good friend Putkunz. Shortly we’ll be discussing need in  more depth as I think it’s the basis for all behaviour and remains so often, like life, unexamined.

– John.

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2 Responses to The human condition.

  1. Sarah Beckwith says:

    Whaat wood is it? It looks absolutely lovely – what happens if you spill somethingon it?

  2. This is American black walnut and the finish is two coats of Osmo, a wax/oil treatment that is very easily re-finishable….

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