Fresh off the saw and plane.

This has been a very good week for this gentleman. First off, a good friend is in need of a table – and this table is one sure to gladden the heart of any hand tool oddball…

We have a special place in our hall of fame for one George Nakashima who played a pivotal role in the contemporary American furniture design movement by developing the dialogue between the Japanese and Shaker design aesthetics while always holding true to the spirit of the materials themselves.

His work is characterised by deep respect for the value of Nature and I think communicates a person who was always aware of the sacredness of our natural world. In his way he connects the modern with the timeless, and therefore I am a happy chap to be making this small yet striking trestle table for my friend around which I imagine he might eat, discuss, enjoy, and live out his days accompanied by this re-worked George-influenced piece of American black walnut.

Thanks George!

– John

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