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Pon-Pon, Gone…!

So settle down, and I’ll tell you a story, not a long one, but one that spans a good chunk of the last years work. Today is one of those mixed feeling days…. happy waving off one of our favourite … Continue reading

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It’s all about the end grain.

One more reason why I yell from the rooftops about our friend Quercus alba is that he has one of the most beautiful end grain patterns I know. Now, his ring porous way of growing makes him a real tough … Continue reading

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The human condition.

So it is with some humble satisfaction that I present this 77 degree trestle table and call it done. Yes, I could fuss, polish, buff, shave, flatten, sand and on an on until no table was left at all… But … Continue reading

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This one’s for you, Putkunz.

So wood moves in mysterious ways right? Well the 77 degree trestle table top decided to go just as the humidity dropped in our workshop to about 32% last Thursday. And that is pretty low.┬áStill, that’s what happens here when … Continue reading

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Seeing eye knife…

One part of having a good week is being able to return to the roots of the craft, and pull out the hand-tools to get the job done. Now I am no snob – I have a big investment in … Continue reading

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Fresh off the saw and plane.

This has been a very good week for this gentleman. First off, a good friend is in need of a table – and this table is one sure to gladden the heart of any hand tool oddball… We have a … Continue reading

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Woof, bark!

So the other evening, we found ourselves hanging out with the big dog – of furniture that is…. Anton of Great Dane is an important figure on the Australian furniture and design landscape, and you should keep an eye on … Continue reading

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