All hail the mighty….

It is very sincerely we beg your forbearance today for an attack of hyperbole that we hope won’t come around too often…. several things have concatenated today in a rare and satisfying constellation… 1) We have completed a project that is very dear to our heart, and one on behalf of an excellent client – Ross Hines of Tongue and Groove, Melbourne.

2) Now being Friday, there may also have been some recourse to fine single malt whisky, one square pressed fine swiss cigar, and some blowing of smoke rings.

‘Halt!’  I hear you cry – ‘who are you to think you deserve such leisurely things?’, ‘surely you are a man of toil, of sweat, of serious countenance and demeanour?’

Truth is we are drunk, and no not entirely on the finest of Scotlands contributions to the world (only my own opinion, so no offence please), but purely on materials. Materials rich and glorious in their nature. Nature is in my mind the best maker of all, and here at The Gentleman Furniture Maker we hope merely to not ruin her extraordinary work, but to provide a gentle and respectful ordering of the materials that she makes available to us.

This is the latest incarnation of Leatherboy (girl?) and in this form, he/she is worthy of libraries, pipe smoking, and dark wood panelled rooms housing serious conversation and considered thought… This Black walnut is some of the highest quality we have seen – as royal as the Brazilian rosewood the Danes lost their hearts to. The hand-made oatmeal saddlery felt combined with this gorgeous black leather and the simple dimensions and joinery leave us actually satisfied.

And that is not something I have said often at all – Contentment is the enemy of change and the destroyer of excellence.  One of our oft said prayers is ‘may there always be the grit in our oyster, that we might make you a pearl.’

– John

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