Ageing (dis)gracefully… The value of patina.

I’ve never really known what that phrase meant – ‘ageing gracefully’. I think I always thought that age conferred a kind of freedom from social constraints – allowed you to speak the truth more directly maybe, and cut through to the heart of things without fear…

So I returned to the scene of one of our favourite haunts in Melbourne today- Wee Jeanie, hard by Yarraville station, to check out how some of our earlier stools were taking to the ageing process. Iain Munro commissioned us to provide a pair of different but related stools to grace his second child.

Any one will tell you, furniture in cafes undergoes the harshest of testing environments; attacked by all body types and shapes, rough handling, mops and hose and scrub a dub dub 7 days a week. And then there’s the kids and their toys… So the eyebrow is raised – how has ‘3 Legs’ and his little brother performed?

Well, the feedback from random customer surveys was good – surprisingly comfortable and curiously stylish. On closer inspection, you can clearly see the degree of wear that the pieces exhibit, the Osmo oil finish has held up amazingly well, and I really enjoy the grime worn in by so many feet and bums shuffling about….

I for one hope to wear my age well and honestly, and the mark of any decently made furniture is that it can say the same. Of 15 stools made for Wee Jeanie, we have 15 present and correct, a touch grimy for sure, but then all cheeky little street urchins should sport a bit of a grimy face…

– John

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