All knotted up.

This is a big day for Leatherboy – he’s grown up a bit, and like anyone things change. I have really enjoyed pushing this design along one turn of the wheel and though the difference is not immediately obvious, I hope it rings true to the materials that this stool incorporates; honest Australian Eucalypt, saddlery felt and saddlery leather.

This detail of binding on the leather called for a historical nod, and I have wanted to bring in a bit of corsetry into the upholstery for some time now… This is a first for us, but it’s been such an enjoyable process, I think it’s here to stay.

Other details of this essentially simple design is the bridle joint that is the main structural detail. This joint is one of the simplest, yet in my view one of the most pleasing, as well as being one of the strongest. The binding leather is Kangaroo, which though fine is extraordinarily strong and supple.

This raises the question though, “is Leatherboy really a girl?”

– John 

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3 Responses to All knotted up.

  1. Absolutely beautiful designs and a beautiful blog!

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