Keep’em crossed fellas.

Reflecting on the last post, this piece struck me as quite related. Iain Munro asked me for a bench. Fed up with some old school furniture (not ‘old-school’) that had evolved from rickety to approaching public space lawsuit potential he ran by the workshop on a whim.

From what depths of greco-roman influenced strangeness this piece surfaced I could not say. It appeared , whole, in my minds eye, just as Iain said “bench…”

What I am truly grateful for however is the learning process involved in machining these quite subtle angles in one of my favourite woods – White Oak – which you’ll see come up again and again on the workbench.

So where does inspiration arise from? Do we need to be aware of what influences our designs and taste? When all’s said and done, I really don’t know if Iain’s to blame or if it’s my fault…


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