The voices in things.

Developing the theme of retaining and re-using the bits and pieces of our not too distant history, Spacecraft and The Gentleman Furniture Maker have developed this curious articulating item of record.

It is a series of images that depict historic buildings and architectural detail linking Old Venice and modern day Melbourne. These prints are really extraordinary in their detail and yet they have a unique patina that is the result of being printed onto the many times re-painted, re-claimed 100 year old door panels.

One of Australia’s key proponents of Bauhaus and Modernism in architecture, Harry Seidler is represented here – you win the mystery prize if you can successfully identify his piece…

So what’s it worth? How to calculate this? When you consider the narrative exploration of the individuals bringing this idea into form, and and the stories embedded in the materials themselves that are represented in something designed to be pleasing to the eye and hand who’s to say?

I hope that these eventually become antiques that show that we didn’t just throw away everything during this period of history.


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