Are you gettin’ cocky wi’ me?

Allow me to introduce the Honourable members of the Australian bird world. This is part of our ongoing collaboration with the Spacecraft Australia people. These are images of a proud Australian native  – The ‘Murray Smoker’.

Spacecraft is Stewart Russell’s experiment in building a thriving business around the curation and re-interpretation of iconic Australian images, forms and historical narratives by working them into print, fabrics and a whole range of diverse public artworks.

It could be said that narrative is the true basis for any form of value which we can ascribe to things.  If you look carefully, and harken back to younger days and then re-trace the steps that our western culture has made in the last 200 years or so, you might notice a creeping and subtle erosion of the narrative threads that have enriched and contextualised the fabric of our imagination over the last few millennia. In the same way that scientists discuss ‘mass species extinction’, our stories and the freedom of our minds to experience the unknown are slowly being lost, censored out by the overbearing narratives of modern advertising culture that are designed to create mindless consumers.

It is our intention to try to consciously work with and revive the recognition of the stories that underlie all worthwhile endeavour. The first story is the natural world. The birds know it – the trees and the seasons know it –  Aboriginal culture still knows it….


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