Chop Chop!

Many panels do not make light work and making two of something really is twice the graft, whatever other men like to say. Several months back, an enigmatic and roguish pairing of Karl Millard and Geoffrey Hatty stood in the workshop talking up an idea… “well if we could just do most of it by hand, it’s surely more authentic no…?”

Well I don’t know any magic, so after about 11 days of sawing and chopping and blowing and staring I had a matching pair of  oak boxes, with Karl off somewhere doing things with steel that I don’t understand. I have learned to respect the Oak though, even more than previously. This majestic, ring porous king of woods does not dovetail with great ease, and so the old adage applies, “In muck and dust we place our trust.” Anon. ( I think very old, and very true).


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1 Response to Chop Chop!

  1. Chris White says:

    Hey John,

    Had a good look through your work, amazing stuff. Really love what you do. You sure are talented! I wish I was building more these days, I feel I am wasting my talent a bit. I love climbing too much, not enough hours in the day! Great to see you at Lactic. Whitey

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